Deutsche Bildung Student Funding

Supporting Students since 2006

Our Vision

"We want to enable every single young person who wants to study to fulfill their dream through a financial & personal development program."

That is why Deutsche Bildung offers student financing to German students for studies within Germany and abroad.
Enabling students to study successfully - regardless of their financial situation - has driven us to draw up an income-linked financing system which is combined with the extracurricular personal development program "WissenPlus".

Deutsche Bildung Student Funding - very different from a traditional student loan

We believe in the success of the students we fund: they only pay back once they started their professional life successfully. This prevents the individual from the risk of over-indebtedness.

In the CHE-study credit test the category risk limitation as well as flexibility, capacity and access have ensured a top rating of the Deutsche Bildung student funding every year since 2013.

All in all, our student funding is based on the equal interests of the students, the investors and ourselves: the success of the individual student. 

Deutsche Bildung Funding at a glance: 

  • Flexible payments as needed: monthly, biannual or one-off payments or a combination of all
  • In total up to 15.000 € for a Bachelor degree, up to 25.000 € for a Master degree and up to 30.000 € for an MBA / Ph.D.
  • Up to 48 months funding period
  • Open for students of all subjects
  • Open for students from Germany and Austria
  • Open for studies in Germany and abroad (complete study or just a semester abroad)
  • Training program WissenPlus inclusive, offering e.g. online trainings and on-site workshops for the development of key qualifications, individual career advice, coaching and access to a network of attractive employers
  • Income-linked repayment starts only when you have successfully started into working life
  • For periods such as  job hunting, further studies or maternity leave, the repayment is deferred. In case of long-term unemployment or occupational disability, the repayment is offset. 

Facts & Figures:

  • Founded in 2006, based in the center of Frankfurt/Germany
  • More than 3.000 funded students at more than 650 German and international universities
  • More than 900 alumni, who are successful in their careers
  • Team of more than 20 committed people
  • Notable German investors such as family offices, foundations and churches, all motivated to invest money with a social impact



Further questions?

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Katrin Lengemann

Head of Marketing

Phone: +49 (0)69 - 920 39 45 24


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